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Contact Me

Got any comments, suggestions, or complaints? Contact me about them with any of the methods listed below.

If you are looking for technical support / help with something, here are the conditions:

  • Make sure you are using either plain mIRC, or SysReset. I will not help you with anything other than those clients.
  • Make sure you read all of what's written on the relevant guide a few times before asking.
  • State your problem. Don't just say 'hi'; get to the point. Let's make it so that you can send one message with the problem, and I can send one back with the solution when I'm back.

IRC Info:
Nick: Kirika
IRC server:
Channel: #Anime-Kraze


IM Info:
ICQ: 20560466
MSN: (or contact me through my "other account", if you know what that is)
AIM: Kasshin sama


Special thanks to feedback contributors:

  • penguin|tired
  • Tamehome
Tip of the day:
Nick alert in mIRC: Go to options -> IRC -> Highlight. You can add words that will activate a sound/flash the window/highlight the message when someone says them. If it doesn't work as well as you feel it should, try looking into nick alert scripts. Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS!
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