Kirika's Quick HOW-TO on seeding multiple files easily


You may need to install python for this. Install it in any directory, doesn't have to be the BT directory. DO NOT USE PYTHON 2.3 IT FUCKS IT UP. Use python 2.2.3, it works fine.

First, put all your files plus their torrent files in one folder. Make sure they have the same file name.

Now, go to command prompt. ( Start menu, Run, and type in cmd then press enter )

Type in:

   cd C:\BitTorrent\

   ( The Pink text is the directory where you installed BitTorrent. It may also be called BitTorrent-3.2 etc.)

You may not have file that you need to multi-seed. If you are using an older version of BitTorrent. Download + unzip all of the source code file into your BitTorrent directory, @

Check that there is a inside your C:\BitTorrent directory now.

Now, to seed the directory, type this in the command prompt: C:\Anime\FolderToBeSeeded\

   ( The Pink text is the folder where you put your files and their torrent files. Use " " around the direcotry name if a folder in it has a space in its name. )



If you are capped, and want to limit your bandwidth, type this in the command prompt: C:\Anime\FolderToBeSeeded\ --max_upload_rate 40

   The 40 means that you will not upload more than 40 kb/s per file.

Please upload as much as you can, and don't set a max_upload_rate if you don't need to.
It will automatically upload as much as possible if you don't.

You should see some.. pretty much self-explanatory stuff coming up.

You can also use to download, just put the torrent into the directory and the file will be created (resumed if you have part of it there already).

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