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Request Ads

Request Ad's is something that shows up every <insert time here> on a channel, or when somebody types !request. You usually put whatever you want somebody to send you in here. But some people use it just because it pops something up every once in a while to tell people in the channel something. To set up your own Request Ad in SysReset, open the SysReset menu and select "Request Manager".

The Request Manager menu pops up. Put the message you want to use inside "Request Message:". Then, choose whether you want it to show itself automatically, or to respond to !request, or both. 360 is a reasonable delay, but you can choose whatever you want. Responding only when opped or voiced isn't very useful, but use it if the channel has that rule. You may set the channels to display the ad in, or if you want set it to "All Channels". If some channels don't let you use a request ad, then uncheck it and add the ones that do. Once all is configured, click OK. To show the ad manually, right click channel, and select "Request [all chans]". To preview your ad, use simulate Advertise.
Request Manager
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