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After getting used to using SysReset's File Server, TDCC's should be pretty easy to use too. They use the same style, with the whole click Add, put the info in sort of thing. If you are still hopelessly lost trying to figure out TDCC's, you're in the right place. First, go back to File Server Manager under the SysReset menu. In here, click on the TDCC tab.

Once you are in the TDCC menu, you will now create your first TDCC. Click Add, and it will prompt you for the trigger text. Put in whatever non-silent trigger you want, or put in whatever you want after the "/ctcp user" part of a silent trigger. Select "/CTCP Trigger" later if you want it to be silent. Next, it will prompt you for what file you want to TDCC. Go select that newest episode of Inuyasha for this. After the selection, it will ask for a description of the file. Describe it in a way so that the leecher would know what it is. For example, "Inuyasha Ep 90!!" Click OK, and your TDCC is finished. If you want to change the TDCC description, or what file it is, just change the text in the bottom text box, and for the file, click "..." and select a new one. Doing this is a quick way of making a TDCC for a new episode, just rename "90" to "91" and change the file.
TDCC Triggers

Just like the File Server, you may select a Queue Pool, and what channels to put them in. It is a good idea to make In Demand files's Ad Delay around 60 minutes. Leechers who do now know that you can press ctrl-f to "find" something in the midst of a long, long, !List, may need what it is in your ad, and use it. For not-as-in-demand files, set it at around 300 minutes (5 hours) or so. Of course, you would also want the TDCC to respond to !List, so check that. Click Done, and you may now Force Advertise your TDCC's the same way as your File Server Ad. Right Click channel, Force Advertise, and now select "All TDCC's". To test if they are working, use Simulate Advertise. Servers Active also has to be set to either one of the top 3 options in order to work.

Advanced: To force advertise an individual TDCC, count from the list of TDCC's that you have. If it is number 3, then type /tad 3 in a channel, and it will force advertise that TDCC only.

Tip of the day:
Nick alert in mIRC: Go to options -> IRC -> Highlight. You can add words that will activate a sound/flash the window/highlight the message when someone says them. If it doesn't work as well as you feel it should, try looking into nick alert scripts. Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS!
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