Kirika's IRC Guides
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Default Default theme (blue).
Matrix Theme inspired by The Matrix.
Blood Bloody theme. Warning: not for the wimpy.
Black and White Black and white theme. Plain, yet elegant. ; )
deviant Theme inspired by deviantART
Maromi Theme dedicated to Maromi, a character from one of my top favorite anime, Paranoia Agent.
Gankutsuou Theme copied inspired by the anime Gankutsuou and its website.
Lemon Lime Mix of yellow and green. Mmmm...
If you have any suggestions for future themes, check the Contact Info page on how to contact me.
Tip of the day:
Nick alert in mIRC: Go to options -> IRC -> Highlight. You can add words that will activate a sound/flash the window/highlight the message when someone says them. If it doesn't work as well as you feel it should, try looking into nick alert scripts. Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS!
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